Reduce your business heating costs and switch to GO:35

Reduce your business heating costs and switch to GO:35

If you use red diesel in heating applications, you could be missing out on big savings which can be made by using our GO:35. More cost-effective than red diesel. GO:35 is made specifically for use in commercial boilers, dryers and heaters and is readily available as a drop-in alternative and clean-burning heating solution. So it’s a great way to heat your industrial buildings whilst saving money. Having the same caloric value as gas oil, GO:35 attracts no excise duty, so gives the same heat output for less money. What’s more, it’s not affected by the changes in red diesel duty, which came in April 2022. It’s a cost-effective choice for all kinds of businesses. Changing to GO:35 is hassle free – no modifications to your boiler are needed and it can be mixed with red diesel so no requirement to empty or clean out your tank. Additional benefits include:

  • Provides the same heat output as red diesel, having the same calorific value.
  • No risk of waxing in cold temperatures.
  • Prolonged shelf life allowing you to buy in bulk and store safely all year round.
  • Fame-free.

What can GO:35 be used for:

Specifically intended for use in commercial boiler applications, GO:35 can be used for any heating purpose where red diesel would otherwise be used, but is restricted to heating applications only. It must not be used in on-road or off-road vehicles or in any static or mobile plant or machinery.  Typically, it can be used in:
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Hotels
  • Distilleries
  • Quarries
  • Grain Dryers

How can my business switch to GO:35?

GO:35 is readily available and our helpful team can advise you on the correct heating oil choice for your business – get in touch today for a competitive quote.Call us on 01423 770 668 and start making savings now.